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Irish Graphic Shanna Key Pub Menus

Why Irish food? Simple. The food in Irish pubs has always been a hearty experience, using the freshest ingredients. In less well-off times this would have been a stew and some fresh soda bread. At Shanna Key we pride ourselves on a menu that is the best Irish and America pub fare on the island. Come join us for lunch!

Or, call us for TAKE OUT if you prefer... Call the bar 305-295-8880

Lunch Specials
(available 11:00AM to 2:30PM daily)



Meatloaf Platter with Mash & Gravy

Meatloaf Platter
w/ Mash & Gravy

A hearty slab of homemade meatloaf, this time with mash and gravy. You won't leave hungry with this Irish favorite.

Meatloaf Sandwich with Fries

Meatloaf Sandwich w/ Fries

A hearty slab of homemade meatloaf. DELICIOUS! Our local customers come back again and again for our meatloaf. We're not sure why this recipe is so popular, so we're not changing a thing!



Open Faced Turkey Sandwich with Mash & Gravy

Open Faced Turkey Sandwich
w/ Mash & Gravy

Call and order for Take Out or come and find a spot in our restaurant or bar to enjoy a meal that will remind you of Thanksgiving, no matter the time of year! Plenty of turkey. Plenty of mash. Smoothered in gravy. Ah! that's good.

Turkey Club with Fries

Turkey Club w/ Fries

A classic sandwich, filling and delicious. A turkey club recipe is at best a guideline. The best sandwiches are made with passion and reckless abandon, and not by measuring ingredients. This is especially true with a turkey club, where every ingredient is critical. So, rest assured that our chef is committed to making a delicious sandwich EVERY TIME, even though it may differ slightly from the last club you enjoyed with us.



Corned Beef Reuben with Fries

Corned Beef Reuben w/ Fries

The "Reuben" sandwich is a hot sandwich of layered corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and salad dressing, grilled between slices of rye bread. You'll want to also order a pint of Guinness to complete the dish though!

Turkey Reuben with Fries

AKA Turkey Reuben w/ Fries

OK, so corned beef isn't your thing. No problem! We can make the same layered hot sandwich, but with a slab of turkey. You'll love it. We know because it's very popular with our customers.



Half Roast Chicken with Fries

1/2 Roast Chicken & Fries

It's chicken done the way chicken should be... but you'll have to ask the waitstaff why. Trust us, it's good!



8 oz. Battered Fish with Fries

8 oz. Battered Fish w/ Fries

You can't come to Key West without enjoying lots of fresh fish. Our battered fish with fries is made with local catch, breaded and lightly fried for a crisp, delicious taste. Pairs nicely with a Stella draught.


Saturday & Sunday-

Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast

The traditional Irish breakfast is the biggest and the best meal of the day in Ireland. It's an easy recipe, a plate overflowing with eggs, imported bacon, imported sausage, home fries, toast, grilled tomato, and black & white pudding.


Small Irish Breakfast

Small Irish Breakfast

For a smaller portion breakfast try our Small Irish Breakfast, two eggs your style, imported bacon, imported sausage, home fries, toast, and black & white pudding.


Come on by for your kind of Game, Food, and favorite Drink.
top Please drink responsibly.


Join us for Happy Hour

Magners Irish Cider
Magners Irish Cider-
Come in for lunch and try one of our Magners Irish Ciders. Not too sweet and not too tart it's the perfect complement to any one of our lunch specials. 4.5% alcohol. 100% refreshing!!

Side orders All sandwiches served with fries, mash or side salad; as sides. EVERYTHING here is homemade with the finest ingredients.

Traditional Irish Coffee
Traditional Irish Coffee-
Rich and freshly brewed with brown sugar, Irish whiskey, and topped with fresh cream.

Hot Toddy
Hot Toddy-
Tried & True for its medicinal value (of course) - Hot & Steamy with Irish whiskey, lemon, honey and fresh cloves. Cures what ales you!

Non-alcoholic Drinks-
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale, Unsweetened Ice Tea, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Red Bull sugar free, Tea, or Coffee. Free refills on fountain sodas.