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Irish Graphic Meet the Staff

Shanna Key's staff is friendly and professional. We want you to feel like friends when you come to Shanna Key, so expect to be greeted when you come in. Expect us to socialize a bit when we take your order. Expect us to help answer any questions you might have about the pub or Key West. We want your visit to as fun as possible. See you soon!

Corolla, Bartender Corolla, Bartender

You'll know it's Corolla by her Irish accent - she hails from Ireland and is a world traveler, including most of Europe and the Middle East. You'll be happy to know that Corolla makes an outstanding Key Lime Martini. It's the recipe adopted by the bar for our customers who want a true Key West cocktail. Forget about the Graham cracker rim though! This drink is simple, yet straight up delicious. Thanks Corolla!


Shannon, Bartender Shannon, Bartender

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio Shannon, or "Shazza", is or course a true Bengals football fan. Her favorite drink is a shot of Cuervo, straight up! We pride ourselves on the great personalities of our staff, and Shannon is no exception. You won't find a friedlier bartender anywhere on the island!

"Ah! Thanks guys!"


Nancy, Waitress/Bartender Chocolate Martini Nancy, Waitress/Bartender

From West Central Florida, and once owned a few restaurants herself. She's the lead singer for one of the island's most popular bands, "Bad George Sound", who played one of their very first gigs right here at Shanna Key! If she's behind the bar, ask her to make you a Chocolate Martini. It's her specialty!


John, Bartender John, Bartender

Probably the proudest "Conch" supporter ever. A coach and a fan. John is true "Local" who works evenings at Shanna Key. Stop in and say Hi! Johns favorite drink? Nothing fancy please, just good, cold beer!


Jamie, Waitress Jamie, Waitress

Jamie is from up north (somewhere). She has a ten year old daughter who looks just like her. Jamie is also developing a line of organic soaps, lotions, and essential oils. (They are very nice-- we've tried them.)


Sofia, Waitress Sofia, Waitress

Sophia is from Canada andd loves traveling. She's also Shanna Key's entry in the Sloppy Joe's bikini contest.


Rachel, Bartender Rachel, Bartender



Be sure to check out our Photo Gallery page for, craziness!

Come on by for your kind of Game, Food, and favorite Drink.
top Please drink responsibly.


Join us for Happy Hour

Barry Geary, Proprietor

Barry & Christine Geary, Proprietors

You'll be hard pressed to meet a friendly couple on the island. As with any business, the culture at the top almost always trickles down to the staff, so if you are pleased with the friendly service you receive at Shanna Key, it starts at the top. And that's the way it should be. After all, Shanna Key is a place to go to have fun! Expect to be greeted with a smile. Expect our staff to "shoot the breeze" with ya'. Expect your visit to Shanna Key to be worth the trip.

Barry on St. Patricks Day

On St. Patrick's Day, everyone dresses up, even the pub owner!